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Born 1951. Self-taught photographer. In particular, I work with two very diverse genres, photographic fiction and nature/landscape.

Photographic fiction does not represent anything that a camera ever saw in the same manner as the camera saw it. Photographic fiction represents a processing that may be done in various manners. Two or more photographs may be merged into one. Or elements from a number of photographs may be combined into a new image that has nothing to do with any of the original photographs. Or processing may be done on one single photograph only. In any case the aim is to create a new reality that never existed and never will.

Nature and landscape photography is very much the opposite. This is not a question of creating a new reality, but rather a question of presenting and conveying the beauty of nature and the landscapes around us.

Travel is another important source of inspiration.

SET SÅDAN? Fup og fiktion i fotografi, 2021 (text in Danish)

Kanal Roskilde, January 2019 (TV programme in Danish)

Brennpunkt, Magazin für Fotografie, 3/2016, p. 5 (in German)

Brennpunkt, Magazin für Fotografie, 1/2014, p. 28-29 (in German)

Dansk Fotografi 1/2014 and 4/2018 (in Danish)

Contact details:
Erik Jørgensen
Lynghøjen 69
DK-4000 Roskilde

Tel: (+45) 42 75 16 66

Erik Jørgensen, Lynghøjen 69, DK-4000 Roskilde - Tel. (+45) 42 75 16 66 - E-mail: fotokunst69@gmail.com
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